Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inspirations and Setbacks

As I sit here at 12:32 in the morning with the fan blowing on me, even though the wind is howling like a banshee outside my bedroom window (a snow storm is blowing in) and it is cold outside, I think of the one who inspired me to start blogging. I figured if she could do it, I could to. She's a lot better at this than I am since she is faithful to blog everyday. I start out with good intentions to blog everyday and then alas, life gets in the way and I get setback. By the way, if you would ever like to read her blogs chock full of information about her very interesting life and frugal methods of cooking, shopping, and other helpful tidbits of information you can find her on MySpace under Mama Sage. Someday, I hope to meet her in person.

I don't check MySpace much anymore, I find more inspiration on Facebook and keeping up with short little updates from all my friends and family. I have some really great cousins on Facebook that are truly an inspiration to me. And I feel truly blessed by all the friends I have, some of whom I haven't been able to talk to or visit with in over fifteen years. I am so proud of all of my cousins and it really makes the verse "Lo, children are a heritage from the Lord" take on a new meaning when I see how most of my cousins are in some capacity serving and loving God. (Grandma and Grandpa would be proud).

Inspiration comes from God, my family and my friends. They are my motivation. He is my All-in-All.

Setbacks do happen. Illness, financial problems, car accidents, emergency trips, house repairs. My most recent setback happened the end of September when my sister was in roll-over car accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was on her way to my house so we could fly out the next evening for Bens graduation from Army AIT. Instead, I found myself putting the pedal to the metal on my Jeep Liberty and wishing the car could sprout wings and fly. I could get to the University of New Mexico a lot faster.

Inspiration was born anew, when I got to the hospital and found out there were no major life threatening injuries that she had sustained. Bumps, bruises and a nice concussion but no broken bones or other bodily injuries. I still had yet to see the car and pick up her bunny. Braving the unknown roads of Albuquerque, I found the tow company and the police department where the police were bunny sitting. Her car was totaled, a twisted heap of jagged metal. Her pet bunny, although he went through a hare-raising experience was alive and hopping. I cried when I saw her car... not because of sadness but because of the inspiration I felt well up within me that God still performs miracles!

God is so good. God is so good. God is so good. He's so good to me. (Join me in singing).