Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get Her While She's Down

This is a ranting blog.. so forgive me while I rant and rave.... but see the cute little dog in my blog picture...he's not so cute anymore!!! Well, yes he is, he still melts my heart when I look at him and have to pick him and snuggle him. Which he won't and hasn't let me do this past week because our mini-female schnauzer is in heat. Poor guy quivers uncontrollably. My daughter said imagine the "horniest" a guy has ever felt toward a female and then think that the poor male dog is probably having those feelings ten fold since he can only do the deed once or twice a year... if you (the owner) let him.

Well, I didn't think Journey (the Chihuahua) - all 8 pounds of him would be able to "do the deed" with the 20 pound mini-Schnauzer, he's so short and she's so tall... but the minute, the very minute I turn my back, he gets her while she's laying down. 4 in the morning, I had just come back into the bedroom, (I couldn't sleep last night) and the minute I lay down, I hear Journey yelping like he's pain. David sits up in bed going - Whaaaaattttt? I am yelling at him - he tied himself to Hallee. We run out to the living room and Halle is trying to unattach him (she is very sensitive regarding her booty region). I had to hold her down last night or I think she would've dragged the poor Chihuahua off the couch, outside and down the deck stairs, ripping the stem off the apple.

(Hallee - the new momma to be?)

So now my dilemma, do they have a morning after pill for female dogs? The timing could be nothing but bad. I was going to take a trip right around the time the puppies will be born. Grrrrrrrrr. (Yea dogs I'm growling at you). Let my guard grow lax, and he gets her when she's down.

On a good note though a Chizer is a mixed-designer breed and they are kind of cute.
 Seriously? Do I need this now?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tea Time Cards

 Went to a Craft Fair at Ellicott Elementary last Saturday and met a couple of ladies who sell tea. Not tea bags but real tea! The loose kind that you have to use a strainer for when you brew it. One of the ladies gave me a sample of hot Mango Tea sweetened with honey... OM! It was good! I was bored - not very many came to the craft fair to buy anything so I made her a card with my Cricut Expression... just a simple card with a flower background, a teapot with a heart on it and the words I Love Tea. Gave it the one of the ladies and she loved it. Now she wants me to make more... this could be an ongoing deal since they attend quite a few craft fairs. Here are a few I made today... Don't know if I'm too terribly pleased with them yet... but she said be creative and make various kinds. If anyone reads this let me know what you think...


Also made a few scrapbook pages today....

The top card was made with my Cricut Expression (using my Gypsy of course) and the cartridge Lovely Florals to make the background. The heart is from Indie Art and the letters are from Ashlynns Alphabet. I used the yellow Viva Decor pen to fill in the centers of the flowers in the background. The second card uses the Alice in Wonderland Designer Paper, a heart from Indie Art and the teapot from Ashlynns Alphabet. Oh and I added a scalloped border at the top using light green paper.  I used an acrylic stamp to stamp Tea Time in the middle of the teapot using Mango Mamba (?) stamping pad from Stampin Up. I finished the second card by putting white Stickles around the edges of the heart.

I had fun!