Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 New and Old Traditions

     Christmas in the Mussack household doesn't just happen on Christmas Day but actually begins a few months before (Octoberish) when my planning sensors start ringing warning bells reminding me that the holidays are just around the corner. I love this season from mid-October until mid-Jan. The season includes not just the major celebration days Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas but my birthday, my sons' birthday, my husbands and mine anniversary (27 years this year!) and my parents anniversary in mid-January (59 years for them - wow!).

I love picking out the gifts for my family and though I may complain a lot about how it doesn't feel like Christmas and I get blue... that is only because I get so nostalgic for Christmas past - when the children were small and the excitement of keeping secrets and watching their faces light up at their Santa presents, and seeing them eagerly soaking in the Christmas story of the babe born in the manger and the true reason for the season. Forget them not being able to sleep... I wasn't able to sleep... my dear husband had to hold me back a couple of times from waking them at 3 am to go open presents.

This year was stressful and my husband was away at work and the youngest is stationed overseas, my Dad is in a nursing home and the dog was pregnant. But I had my daughter and son-in-law and my oldest son here with me and Christmas was still wonderful and exciting. Different though... but I am grateful for any chance I have to spend time with my family. We forego the traditional turkey or ham and made pot roast... Kim says she is going to start this tradition with her family and tell her children that they are having the Who Rare Roast Beast (from the Grinch)!

Everyone was happy with the sacrifices made and money spent to get the gifts that was received. I got Kimberly a bunch of little things, sweater from Target, home decorations, etc. Brent got his traditional annual lottery tickets. I think he won back about $10. (Oh well)... JD got his new leather jacket that fits him perfectly.

Santa sent me a CRICUT IMAGINE... I was so happy... Huge hugs and kisses to Santa.
JD got me a waffle iron... I have been craving Belgian Waffles and now I can make my own.
The dog gave me the best gift of all - two days after Christmas she gave birth to six adorable Chizer puppies (Chihuahua - Mini-Schnauzer mix)

I wish I could've been two places at once this year because I would've really have liked to be with my Dad, Mom, and brothers and sister. I miss them and Dad is not in the best of health.

Then the best time of all - the day after Christmas... after Christmas shopping - when Kim and I stock up on seasonal decorations for next year because after all... Christmas will continue on and on and on as long as we keep it in our hearts, start new traditions, and remember that the best part is being with those with we love!

The 2010 Christmas tree... We had to put all of the presents in the bay window because of all the dogs.

The Build - A- Bear box is to me from Kim. Another tradition I have is when one of my children leave home I have them get me a Build-A-Bear and put a voice recording in it. Then when I get lonely I play the sound of their voice and it makes me feel closer to them.