Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tired: It's a Good Feeling

Boy howdy, I'm tired. Too pooped to poop! Yet, it's a good feeling. I am being productive. I am earning my nights rest. I no longer sit up till 3 a.m. because I didn't do anything during the day. Nowadays, I am in bed by 9 or 9:30 pm. What brought on the change? I started student teaching and I'm loving every minute of it and learning a lot. Student teaching is a full time job. I am totally immersed into the "life" of a teacher. I must work all the contract hours that a licensed teacher does and take on all the duties that a licensed teacher does - even hall duty or after school duty. I must take on one or two extracurricular activities... so I go to the Scapbooking Club... hee, hee. Lots of fun though. The kiddoes are what makes the tiredness worthwhile.

I am working with the Special Education students who have significant learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders, and/or orthopedic impairments. I just had my first evaluation and got a proficiency rating. As with any endeavor, practice can only make one practically perfect.

On top of student teaching... the six puppies that were born six weeks ago are a bounding, bouncy, bundle of energy and full of poop and pee. I think I follow them around with the 409 bottle and papertowels cleaning up their messes. They are doing better about peeing on the potty pads. I thought it amusing today, when I walked out to the living room the first time, I noticed a puddle near their puppy pen. A few hours later, I went back to the living room and one or more of the puppies had dragged their potty pad and put it over their pee puddle. I guess I am modeling to them how to clean up their messes... or is that wishful thinking?

This is Gizmo... One of the little puppies that will be going to a new home in a few weeks. He will be loved and spoiled in his new home but greatly missed. It's amazing how attached you get to these little guys.
I am in the mood to cook but I need some recipes that are fast and easy to cook... So if any of you have any send them this way okay? I also need ideas of lunches to take to work.

In the process of planning my first Stampin Up workshop... if you are interested in coming let me know...

Well... enough of it being a lazy Sunday... time to get up and do laundry so I have something to wear to school... sigh... work, work, work, zzzzzzzzzz