Monday, February 15, 2010

Progress Towards Perfection

I learned a new vocabulary word... this weekend. Heuristics, which basically means the trial and error method aid to solve a problem. Heuristics can be applied to science, education and well, why not life in general? It seems like I am forever using the trial and error method to solve a problem in my life...especially in the area of weight loss. I am an all or nothing person when it comes to dieting. I either stick to the "plan" or I don't. Usually, I don't, because I begin to feel deprived. My "wanter" starts wanting something that is not on the plan (like pasta). So I add something to my diet through the trial and error method. Sometimes what I added works but if it doesn't, I feel guilty and wonder what's the use? Am I doomed forever to be overweight?

Of course there are other aspects of our life that we apply heuristics to. Time management, finances, relationships and our spiritual walk. Trial and error. A progess towards perfection. Trials will happen. They are inevitable. And as humans we will err. The real battle comes though when we choose to give up because we have once again erred. We begin to question ourselves, doubt sets in, discouragement invades. We beat ourselves up through our negativity. Worst of all, is the obvious fact that we lose focus of who we are. Human, definitely, but more than conquerors through the blood of Jesus Christ. (I remember Ladelle Peabody singing that song when I was teenager. Those of you there in Tucson, might remember her) "We've been made more than conquerors, overcomers in this life. We've been made victorious through the blood of Jesus Christ"

Somebody asked the question today... What's the key? What's the key to losing weight? What's the key to this trial and error method of life?

I think it is found in James 1:2 "Count it all joy, my brothers (or SISTERS), when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing....

The keys: Joy, faith, steadfastness, and hope because you are (and I am) a progress towards perfection. Will we get it right the first time? Probably not... but keep on going. Stay strong.

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  1. Deb - I think (according to Rick Warren anyways) that the key I'm searching for is to renew my mind, get it off the wrong-track auto pilot - by saturating it with the Word of God - allowing God to change my 'auto-pilot' that seems to have been at one point or another, wrongly programmed by the enemy. Its effected my modes of thinking. But since I know this, why don't I do it???? Hence, the search for another key - the key to why I don't do what I know to do.
    Needless to say, neither one of us has succeeded on the first try (at weight loss anyways) I doubt anyone does.... for long anyways.
    I think perhaps God is telling me its not about arriving at the perfect weight, but what He wants to teach me along the way....
    I love you my friend.... hang in there with me!