Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get Her While She's Down

This is a ranting blog.. so forgive me while I rant and rave.... but see the cute little dog in my blog picture...he's not so cute anymore!!! Well, yes he is, he still melts my heart when I look at him and have to pick him and snuggle him. Which he won't and hasn't let me do this past week because our mini-female schnauzer is in heat. Poor guy quivers uncontrollably. My daughter said imagine the "horniest" a guy has ever felt toward a female and then think that the poor male dog is probably having those feelings ten fold since he can only do the deed once or twice a year... if you (the owner) let him.

Well, I didn't think Journey (the Chihuahua) - all 8 pounds of him would be able to "do the deed" with the 20 pound mini-Schnauzer, he's so short and she's so tall... but the minute, the very minute I turn my back, he gets her while she's laying down. 4 in the morning, I had just come back into the bedroom, (I couldn't sleep last night) and the minute I lay down, I hear Journey yelping like he's pain. David sits up in bed going - Whaaaaattttt? I am yelling at him - he tied himself to Hallee. We run out to the living room and Halle is trying to unattach him (she is very sensitive regarding her booty region). I had to hold her down last night or I think she would've dragged the poor Chihuahua off the couch, outside and down the deck stairs, ripping the stem off the apple.

(Hallee - the new momma to be?)

So now my dilemma, do they have a morning after pill for female dogs? The timing could be nothing but bad. I was going to take a trip right around the time the puppies will be born. Grrrrrrrrr. (Yea dogs I'm growling at you). Let my guard grow lax, and he gets her when she's down.

On a good note though a Chizer is a mixed-designer breed and they are kind of cute.
 Seriously? Do I need this now?

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