Monday, November 1, 2010

Starting NaNoWriMo

November 1, all the chores are done for the day, errands are ran. I still have school work to do and bills to pay, but now I can focus on my novel for this month. My characters have all been jumping around in my head since the beginning of October. This year, I have decided to start with characters instead of a plot. I am just going to let my characters tell the story. And I'm not going to tell anybody what my story is about until December 1st, when anyone who wants to can read. It seems like every year I do more talking about what I want to write instead of actually writing. So this year... I am going to be hush, hush... shhh.... it's a secret.

Well, guess I'll go get started now. Pray for me... Wish me luck. Too stay on top NaNoWriMo suggests writing about 1667 words a day. That's a lot of words to write. Why is it I can get a 1700 word paper written for school in less time than 1667 words in a paper. Maybe because with the school paper, I have a given topic....

I might be asking some of you for ideas to get me over the hurdles when I get writers block!

Alright here goes!

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